What is ShadowSheyla working on?

Well, I’m currently writing two things:

  • Rocking the Hoods — This will most likely just be a really long one shot based off my “Hoods” idea from awhile ago. Where humans that run with supernatural being where hoods. Red hood means Alpha mate (or a mate of the leader of a coven or whatever else), blue/yellow means beta mate (romantically involved with a member of a supernatural person), white just means that your part of that pack/coven/group but have no romantic attachments to any of them, and the black hood means mated to an omega (or lone supernatural creature)
  • Alpha Pair prt. 2. — Self explanatory. I’m going to be writing more smexy, exploring slightly into cannon some more, venturing into some questions that people must be thinking (Stiles becoming a ‘wolf, which was the main reason why I was going to continue it). And playing around with couples and pack dynamics. 

And then I have too many other stories that I have to make chapters for…

  • Walk It Off: Chapter 8 (Sandor and Sansa, I love this, and I’ve been writing this chapter slowly. I’m preparing myself for pain. That’s my warning to you guys. Just because this is AU doesn’t mean that you’re safe from pain)
  • Smile: Chapter 6 (ITS BEYBLADE!! I found my old one in my room this week, and then I remembered that I had to write this chapter… oopsie)
  • In the Life of Beelzemon: Chapter 8  (started this story off with a really cool idea, now I keep over thinking it and trying to make it better, but in truth its just making it harder to write it)
  • Snow White and the Seven Goths: Chapter 11 (this story just made me laugh and now I’m stuck because I was trying to finish this before the last book came out, but it didn’t work. So I’m just looking at it going “eehhhh”)

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